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New Nissan Murano in Lake Charles

Nissan has remained at the top of the list of the best-selling automakers in the United States and around the world, thanks to their attention to detail and reliability. The lineup of Nissan vehicle models at Navarre Nissan include top-of-the-line, high-performance cars that offer a premium ride. One of the most outstanding in the lineup of new Nissan vehicles is the New Nissan Murano.

Nissan Murano Trim Levels

S Trim

Drivers looking for a crossover SUV for their Moss Bluff, LA commute will appreciate the base Nissan Murano S trim. It is among the most affordable trims of its class and comes standard with all the advanced safety and technology features from Nissan. It offers the standard Safety Shield® 360 with many options. It comes with a spacious interior that will accommodate five-passenger and still carry all your cargo.

SV Trim

Nissan takes style and practicability to another level with the new Nissan Murano SV trim level. This crossover SUV trim level offers state-of-the-art exterior and interior features that make it stand out from its peers. The new Murano SV is a family friendly option that comes with a superior premium interior with leatherette seats to enhance its ambiance.

Midnight Edition Trim

If you are in the market for an affordable but highly efficient crossover for your local commute or long-distance trips out of Orange, TX, the new Nissan Murano Midnight Edition is all you need. This spacious crossover is designed to be a people and cargo hauler. It sports a stunning exterior styling with an aggressive black grille and side molding.

SL Trim

When you need to enjoy all the features that the New Nissan Murano has to offer, then the Nissan Murano SL trim level is what you need. This crossover SUV will offer you the best-of-the-line features in terms of performance and luxury. The design of the SL trim level is focused on the comfort of the driver and the passenger. It offers a host of safety and driver-assist features for the convenience and peace of mind of both the driver and the passengers.

Platinum Trim level

For a complete package, the new Nissan Murano Platinum trim is all you need. This Crossover SUV is packed with all the safety and technology features you wish to have for an enjoyable ride. It comes complete with a dual-pane panoramic roof to enhance the interior ambiance and comfort.

Interior Features

The stunning looks of the new Nissan Murano don't stop on the outside. Inside, this crossover SUV comes packed with state-of-the-art features that make it stand out from its peers. It comes with a well-equipped cabin lined with soft leather-trimmed seats on the front and rear seating and dark teak-wood trim on the dashboard. The amply cushioned seats in the front seats make the interior comfortable for the passengers and the driver.

Performance Features

Underneath the hood, the new Nissan Murano is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 260 horsepower. It comes standard with front-wheel drive, but an all-wheel-drive drivetrain is optional for all trim levels and comes mated with a continuously variable transmission for an agile and easy to drive experience.

Safety Features

The new Nissan Murano comes standard with a slew of safety and driver-assist features that make them the most convenient vehicles. The standard forward-collision alert and automated emergency braking give the driver peace of mind when driving in challenging situations.

Visit our dealership at Navarre Nissan for a test drive of the new Nissan Murano in our Lake Charles inventory. We also have a variety of other new Nissan SUVs for you to explore.

Why Should You Buy a Nissan Murano?

  • No mileage limit: Leases generally come with certain mileage limitations, but when you buy a Murano you're free to drive it as much as you'd like around Sulphur without having to pay extra.
  • No wear-and-tear charges: Leases generally require vehicles to come back in the same shape in which they were originally leased. But when you buy a vehicle, it's yours! You don't have to worry about being charged for things like wear-and-tear as you drive around Lake Charles.
  • Customization: Likewise, when you buy your Murano you're free to customize it however you'd like.
  • No more car payments: One of the biggest advantages of buying for Orange drivers is that when you've paid off your loan, that's it! No more monthly payments and your Murano is, well, yours!

Why Should You Lease a Nissan Murano?

  • Less down and lower monthly payments: Because you're only paying for the Murano's value during the term of your lease and not the entire life of the vehicle, the down payment and monthly lease payments can be lower.
  • Bump up a trim level: Lower monthly payments and less money down could mean Moss Bluff shoppers can afford to move up a trim level that might not normally be within reach with a car loan.
  • Warranty coverage: Leases tend to cover vehicles during the period that they're under warranty protection and less likely to have problems, so the cost of maintenance tends to be lower, too.
  • Upgrade your Murano: One of the biggest advantages of leasing is that when your lease term ends, you can upgrade to the newest model available. That's right, you could hit the Jennings roads in a brand-new Murano every few years!

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